Happy Helmets

RESPECT workshops. 

Respect is one of the '3R's' of Grom Nation. In these workshops, we educate and inspire the kids through dance, music, acting and sports. Topics discussed range from rape culture to racism and sexism and cover a broad variety of topics based on respecting each other, our communities, ourselves and the environment. 



Grom Nation Happy Helmets

Happy helmets is our campaign for inspiring social change towards a more responsible tourism industry in the Island. We are renting out super cute motorbike helmets for tourists visiting the Island, and profits from this go directly towards buying children's helmets for local kids, and directly towards our programs. The Island is becoming increasingly busy and the roads are dangerous. Be part of the movement and rent a happy helmet off us when you visit Siargao. You can contact us through facebook if you would like one! You can also purchase a helmet as a souvenir for 5,000php, and that money willl buy two more helmets for our campaign. You can find these helmets at Greenhouse resort, Harana Surf Resort, Alpas, Kermit Resort, Fat Lips Surf Shop and White Banana Resort. 

School attendance surf sessions (SASS program)

In collaboration with teachers of General Luna and Burgos elementary schools, children who regularly attend school are invited to come surfing on weekends (and some days after school). This encourages children to attend school throughout the week, and hopefully helps them grow into educated, responsible members of the community. We're challenging the culture around education, respectfully encouraging parents to be more vigilant with their children's school attendance.

Life-skills programs: Get a SHREDucation

Along with a vast network of volunteers, we hold life-skills programs on a regular basis, including surfboard repair workshops, music classes (guitar, ukulele, drumming), arts and craftsmanship (eg making coconut bowls), mentoring sessions and team building exercises, grom yoga (or 'Groga', as we call it!), cooking classes and much more. Attendance at SHREDucation programs is another way kids can earn free surfboard rental and surfing lessons.

Community veggie gardens

We have community veggie gardens in Burgos and General Luna. These are cared for and maintained by local kids involved in our programs. It is a great way for kids to learn about sustainability, responsibility and team work — plus they get to enjoy beautiful fresh produce at the same time!


Charity surf shop

Boards are not available for rental during school hours, unless it is a public holiday or school is not on (confirmed by teacher). This provides a unique opportunity for Grom Nation to raise money for our programs. Boards are available for tourists to rent during school hours, and funds from these rentals are used in the community — for example, transporting children to go surfing, micro-grants for families so that they can start a business, afternoon tea and clean drinking water for local kids, school sponsorship and school supplies ... and the list goes on! If you're coming to Siargao and plan on renting boards (or want to learn to surf), please email us or call Josh on 09096412994.

Beach cleans

Every Saturday in Burgos we hold a community beach clean at 14:00. We then check school attendance for the week, and all those who meet the attendance requirements get to go surfing. We meet at Bayud Surf Breaks in Burgos and always need volunteers in the water. Please call Josh on 09096412994 or email us to get involved!

If you are in General Luna and would like to participate in a beach clean, you can contact our friends at SEAmovement through facebook to participate!

Breakfast club

We find that a lot of our kids wake up at the crack of dawn and head over to Grom Nation HQ hoping to sneak a surf in before school. Because we don't want to risk kids being late for school (or just staying in the water all day!), we decided that what we can offer them instead is a nutritious breakfast. So if you hire a board or learn to surf with us, you'll be helping ensure our groms get a healthy start to the day, and can focus and get the most out of school.

Homework help

With the help of volunteers, we provide free tutoring for local kids who are either struggling with assignments and homework, or are lacking motivation. We show kids that they CAN do anything — with hard work and focus. Oh, and then we go surfing of course!


Surf therapy: surfing=smiles 

Anyone who surfs knows how beneficial the ocean can be when you're suffering from anxiety or depression, or are just feeling a bit flat. Our surfing=smiles program is community-based, and available to anyone who needs an extra 'pick-me-up'! We're trying to do our bit to break down the stigmas surrounding mental health, and show local people that it's ok to not be ok!


Know of someone local going through a hard time? Email us to nominate them for some surf therapy!

Groms learn about ocean safety as well as surfing